One horse mind_

Horse Absorbed, Afflicted, Enchanted, Fevered, Haunted, Hugged, Hyped, Inflicted, Mystified, Mesmerized, Medicated, Possessed, Pledged, Pixilated, Shackled, Snuggled


Horse Argus, Custodian, Crusader, Clinger, Doter, Fighter, Faithful, Hierophant, Protector, Sucker, Tracker, Seeker, Sentinel, Topper, Vindicator

Damon and Phidias

  Ten short years ago, a foal chocolate dark, same color as his grand Pap, lighting fast, sweet tempered, highborn came into this small world. He grew up close to his Ma, feeling he drew a lark. For a while, he was not off the mark.
  Yet Fate was not quiet done; she shifted his heavenly initial luck and horsie found himself far from the destined path. Could not put roots down cause no one thought him sound.
  Lonely and alone once separated from his Ma, burdened by such tender heart, sad, skeptical of this hostile world, destitute of a true friend to put his trust in and for once easily breathe..
  This his lot was; unwanted, to be sent up from east to west, shifted round and round, uncertain, shaken, perplexed, to know no familiar ground. Till hope in him all but frayed, his bearing all about done in, Horsie happened to cross paths with such one, who sensing somewhat singular in him, believed in Horsie enough to take him in; keep him close, determined to mend his shattered trust, instill newborn hope, ease anxious thoughts, help him unfold his fettered heart, his true potential.
  Νow inseparable, unafraid in indissoluble, to the death fellowship, the two tread, alone and lost no more; on life’s broken, forked, treacherous path with courageous, soft pace…



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